Product integrity standards:The customer shall ensure that the returned product and related accessories (such as tag, manual, warranty card, network card, etc.) are complete, and maintain the original quality, function, no damage, mal-operation, anti-counterfeiting, and activation ( In the case of authorization, etc., there are no signs of use of the appearance of the original, and unreasonable use of personal data.The outer packaging of the product is an integral part of the product, and should be complete when returned, without serious damage or contamination.“Outer packaging” means: the original packaging of the manufacturer (minimum sales unit), and does not include the packaging of the secondary packaging by the seller or the logistics service provider.

“Sealing” means that the outer packaging of the product is sealed by the manufacturer (sealing) or integral plastic (tight) packaging.

Please note:We do not accept returns for the following items:1. Products purchased by non-Zuri (order serial numbers does not match);2. Products that exceed the expiry date (Exceed warranty period);

3. Unauthorized repair, misuse, collision, negligence, abuse, into the liquid, accident, alteration, product quality problems caused by improper installation, or torn, altered labels of machine serial number or anti-     counterfeiting mark;

4. The warranty card does not match the product and was altered.

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